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A long-term business rental involves rental of one or several vehicles for a period of at least one year, whereby all the terms of rental and payment are agreed upon beforehand. It is an integrated form of service that allows clients to make their own choice of a model and equipment of the vehicle, while at the same time it relieves you completely of the organizational concerns and communication with different suppliers. It involves financing, operating leasing, insurance, regular servicing, maintenance of winter/summer tires, substitute vehicle, 24/7 assistance, etc…

Upon the lessee’s request, the lessor purchases the vehicle and hands it over to the lessee for the latter’s use. During the period of the lease contract as well as after its expiry, the lessor remains the legal owner of the vehicle. The subject matter of the rental is not shown among fixed assets in the lessee’s balance sheet as it is recorded as such with the lessor. The depreciation costs are therefore borne by the lessor. The lessee shows the rental (which includes all costs in connection with the rental) under the service costs entry of the current accounting period.


A faster and easier way to a new vehicle: The business rental provides for a more frequent replacement of vehicles, so your vehicles are always in excellent condition. Despite the fact a business rental does not make you become the owner of the vehicle, you can use it as if it were yours. Simplification of everyday management: All your operating and administrative procedures are taken care of, from the purchase of a new vehicle to the sale of the used one upon the expiry of rental period. Flexibility: Rental period is optional, typically from one to five years.

Precisely planned expenditures: You know in advance how much precisely the use of the vehicle is going to cost you. Monthly instalments remain unchanged throughout the entire period of rental. Saving of liquid assets: Business rental requires only a small portion of your own assets. You may use your free assets for business activities and investments which provide a higher yield. Optimisation of expenses: Business rental with additional services (purchase, maintenance, vehicle insurance, etc.) provides you optimum consumption of assets for vehicles. Cash flow stability: Rental costs are shown as current costs of vehicle use. In this manner, they have no influence on the structure of the balance sheet.


In case of a long-term business rental we study minutely your wishes and needs, including business specifics, and on the basis of our findings the best rental solution will be tailored for you.

 Years of experience, a stable business model and strategic development orientation allow us to be able to offer our partners innovative mobility solutions which are perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

 Commitment to continual searching for new opportunities and focusing on exploring new opportunities to achieve economical mobility are the driving forces of our development.

We are looking forward to your questions.

Please contact us and together we will create such a program of a long-term business rental which will be the most appropriate for your mobility needs in view of costs and functionality.



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Optimum Vehicle Fleet – without unnecessary costs and concerns

Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the company fleet. Entrust the management-related concern and responsibility to Avant car, while you can fully focus on your principal business activity. Since not even two companies are alike, our experts prepare individualised solutions that are tailored to specifics, needs and wishes of an individual company.

Lower operational costs and increased efficiency of the fleet;

No operational activities and risks in connection with management of their own vehicles (i.e. purchase, financing, maintenance, solving problems till the moment of sale);

Optimisation of vehicle fleet size to suit actual company’s needs;

Fixed monthly costs and consequently, increased transparency and easier monitoring, and

Free financial resources (“free cash”) for new investments and productive investment.

Individual treatment. In case of fleet management, we carefully study all key parameters, take into consideration your desires, needs and business specifics and individualise a fleet management solution for you.

Professional advising. Our expert team defines vehicle fleet policy and daily mobility needs, analyses the existing vehicle fleet and savings possibility, plans optimisation and overview costs control – this and much more is prepared by our team of experts acting with due diligence. It goes without saying that we take care of the used fleet management plan which comprises time planning in terms of eliminating old vehicles and replacing them with new ones.

Flexibility and responsiveness. We act as your personal adviser who takes care continuously of optimum fleet portfolio and are – within the shortest possible response time – available to solve a variety of everyday situations.

Customers’ trust. In the field of vehicle fleet management we have gained trust of over 100 Slovenian companies of all sizes and activities – from financial institutions to industry and commerce.

Reliability and commitment to development. Years of experience, a stable business model and strategic development orientation allow us to be able to offer our partners innovative mobility solutions which are perfectly tailored to serve their individual needs. Commitment to continual search for new opportunities and focus on exploring new opportunities to achieve economic mobility are the two driving forces of our development.

We look forward to your questions.

Please contact us and together we will design a vehicle fleet management programme which will be most appropriate in terms of costs and functionality to your mobility needs.


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For companies that decide to renew the management of their vehicle fleet, Avant car offers the possibility of selling the existing vehicles and business lease-back of the same vehicles.

In this case, Avant car provides for the entire set of services as is the case with a business rental of new vehicles.

In accordance with the customer’s needs, it is possible to arrange for an immediate or gradual transfer of vehicle management to Avant car. In the latter case, during the transitory period, the customer has one part of their vehicle fleet in business rental, while keeping the other part in their own possession while gradually replacing it with rented vehicles.

Avant car is there to assist them by selling the existing vehicles so as to replace them in an economical manner.

Disposal of vehicles represents a financial injection for the company. The gained financial assets may be spent by the company for the purpose of increasing the volume of business operation or for new or more profitable investments.

The company is relieved of the burden of ownership, operating activities and economic risks from the viewpoint of the loss of vehicle value.

By business lease-back, the fleet represents nothing more but a monthly operating expense.

The company is relieved of worries and procedures for the sale of used vehicles.

Avant car’s vehicle fleet management plan accurately defines the management strategy, all its phases, technical and economic aspects.

Our mission is to find an optimal solution for the diverse mobility needs of customers.

Please contact us and together we will come up with a vehicle sale and lease-back programme which will be cost-effective and functionally most appropriate for your mobility needs.



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