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Avant car is an established international provider of mobility. Our key business lines are short-term rentals, long-term business rentals, fleet management and vehicle rentals with drivers. With a wide range of services we successfully follow the mission and effectively overcome the challenges of the modern lifestyle, advanced business processes and needs of diverse modes of mobility

At the same time we have been actively implementing the new field of electro-mobility, which is dealt with by our research and development department consisting of a team of professionals with interdisciplinary skills. The path which we walk together is our passion, while our goal is customers' satisfaction with user-experience excellence.







In order to raise awareness, we have presented the vision of sustainable mobility to the general and specialized media. Our presentation resulted in interesting articles and some of them are available on our website.


Are you passionate about your work? Do you believe in the mission of the good?

In our company, every individual counts; however, we especially value the associates with entrepreneurial mentality who can contribute to our overall development with enthusiasm and innovative spirit.

If you are fond of challenges and share our values, you can send us your CV, a short presentation of proposals for common development and your contact details.

We will read your offer with great interest and treat it confidentially.

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