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Short-term Rental

Within our excellent vehicle fleet, the perfect match for your requirements awaits. Effortlessly reserve your Avant Car vehicle through our online platform, via email, or over the phone, and set off on an extraordinary journey.

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Long-Term Rental

Our corporate car rental service is customized to fit your unique demands, liberating you from the burdens of fleet management. Opt for an Avant Car business package that suits you or reach out for personalized advice.

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Car Sharing

At Avant Car we champion electric mobility through our diverse service offerings, leveraging our innovative expertise to raise public awareness and facilitate firsthand experiences with electric vehicles.

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Why Avant Car?

A wide range of vehicles for every need.


Newest vehicles on the market with the highest maintenance standards

Fast and reliable service that saves your time

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Car rental without hidden costs

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Long-term car rental program

A partnership for your business success

Cut Expenses, Save Time

Our comprehensive service with no hidden fees, allowing you to worry less and save more.


Our services are designed to be adaptable, meeting your requirements at every stage of your business operations.

Your Fleet

Prioritizing your safety and comfort, select the perfect vehicle from our modern fleet to meet your specific needs.

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Rely on us at all times. A dependable partner is key to overcoming any situation.

Electric mobility

Welcome to the world of E-mobility


to a revolutionary way
of thinking


with energy for
new experiences


without noise
and tailpipe emissions

Ecological and economical solutions

Avant Car stands at the forefront of e-mobility in the region, boasting over 15 million kilometers of experience in fully electric vehicles. Driven by a profound sense of responsibility, we have made it our mission to accelerate the shift to sustainable and cost-effective transportation options. We love sharing our experiences with the community by creating and offering tailor-made solutions of mobility-as-a-service (car rental, business rental and electric car sharing).

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Customer Experiences

Subscription Service for Integrated Sustainable and Digitalised Mobility for Organizations, Tailored for Areas with 20,000 to 500,000 Inhabitants.

The goal of the Avant3C consortium project is the development of a business model for integrated sustainable and digital mobility for companies and other organizations. This model will facilitate access to various forms of mobility through a single interface. The projected completion date of the project is February 28, 2025.

The operation was selected for co-financing under the Public Tender for “Recovery and Resilience with Pilot Demonstration Projects” (JR DEMO PILOTI NOO). The investment is part of the measures under the plan of the Government of Slovenia, which is financed by the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.