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Avant Car provides services in Slovenia, Croatia and North Macedonia with presence at the main international airports and cities in the region.


Dunajska cesta 140, 1000 Ljubljana


Savska opatovina 36, 10 000 Zagreb


Ul. 11 Oktomvri br. 2, 1000 Skopje


Our Vision

To strengthen our reputation as a reliable provider of innovative mobility solutions on an international scale.


Social Responsibility & Commitment to Sustainability

We are dedicated to promoting sustainable development in Slovenia, Croatia, and the wider region. Our research and development efforts focus on spreading awareness, improving charging infrastructure, providing electric vehicle options, developing innovative business models, and encouraging the swift adoption of electric mobility.


Our Mission

To simplify people’s lives by providing readily available, on-demand mobility solutions.


Openness to innovation and 360-degree learning

We highly value the feedback from our clients and business partners. Embodying both the roles of teacher and learner, we aim to respond effectively to people’s needs. Through collaborative efforts, we aspire to simplify lives and contribute to societal advancement by the means of joint cooperation.


We are honoured to have the trust of clients from more than 100 countries

We manage vehicle fleets for more than 200 companies of all sizes

Our diverse fleet offers vehicles suited for all needs and requirements

We have our own research and development group 

We are the leading electric mobility provider in the region, with more than 16 million emission-free kilometres driven so far

We aim for maximum vehicle utilisation and contribute towards sustainable transportation