Benefits of Car Sharing

Why use Avant2Go Car Sharing?

Avant2Go offers the practicality of personal car use without the associated responsibilities of ownership, such as maintenance and insurance. Whether your requirement is for a brief period, several hours, or an entire day, Avant2Go provides a flexible solution. Simply tap into the Avant2Go app and unlock a car whenever you need it.

No Ownership Costs

End your worries about the costs of private vehicle ownership and maintenance. Pay only when using the vehicle – with Avant2Go running costs are a thing of the past.

Swift and Easy

Book vehicles through a mobile app and use them whenever  you need them. Be it for short journeys or day trips, drive them as much as you wish. Use the app to manage your rental and pay as you go.

Dedicated Parking

Start and end your rental at one of the noumerous Avant2Go locations with dedicated parking spaces. Avoid the stress and hassle of finding a place to park.

Discover new Mobility

How to use the Avant2Go Car Sharing service?


Download the Avant2Go app free of charge

Download the Avant2Go app on Google Play or the App Store


Register and activate your account online

Choose an Avant2Go package and complete the registration process. Digitally sign your membership agreement online.


Enjoy your 100% Electric Mobility

When your account is confirmed you may start using the service immediately. 

Corporate car sharing

Avant2Go mobility for business needs

Car sharing can cut mobility costs by over 50%

Let our fleet become your 100% electric vehicle fleet.

With Avant2Go Corporate Car Sharing, every employee receives their own account

Make use of the advantages of the Avant2Go network of locations and travel wherever and whenever your require.