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The best vehicles

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The Avant car's developers carefully study the users' needs for mobility service in order to meet those needs to the optimum by providing a wide selection of vehicles of world-renowned manufacturers. Choose from the latest vehicles of all size classes. We are convinced that in the Avant car diverse offer of vehicles you will find one that will be tailored to your needs and desires.


Do you need a vehicle for several people enjoying a pleasant and comfortable drive? Do you want to enjoy hassle-free travelling while on a business trip, excursion or vacation? Avant car offers spacious, dynamic and safe Opel and Mercedes-Benz vans which will meet even your demanding travelling needs.


Do you require a prestigious high-performance vehicle for a demanding terrain? For a dynamic and exclusive trip, choose among Toyota, BMW and Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicles that provide for amazing performance and perfect comfort. Take advantage of a four-wheel drive, automatic shift gear and engines that match up any challenge imaginable.


Live ultimate luxury, refinement and dynamic capacities with Avant car prestigious offer. You will be spoiled by the latest luxury vehicles with a state-of-the-art technology and exclusive equipment. For important business meetings, festive and special occasions choose among the Avant car’s BMW and Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles and the rest of the best ones available on the market.


Do you require a vehicle for large cargo transport? With its offer of Mercedes-Benz delivery vans, Avant car provides you with a practical way of various cargo transport. Our delivery van fleet enables easy loading as well as reliable and safe transport of cargo. You need not worry about a driving licence, because all our vehicles require only common category B licence.


With the development of electromobility we are actively co-creating the field of sustainable mobility. We see the future in harmonious co-existence of people, nature and technology. As the first provider of electromobility within the European framework, we offer an electric vehicle family which covers the key vehicle classes. New mobility is here – 100 % responsive, zero noise and zero emission!


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